Adopt a Shop

What We Do

Jesus didn’t just preach to people, who also noticed and celebrated people who were frequently forgotten by others, mingled with them, and worked to secure their good. Adopt a Shop is about loving those who frequently fade into the background of our lives today by finding little ways of blessing and serving them and building friendships as we go.

The Adopt a Shop Way is to
• Attach–Learn the names of the staff, introduce yourself, and ask them about their day and life.
• Dote–Tip exceptionally well, as a gift.
• Overlook–Be kind even if they miss something.
• Patron–Order from/eat here instead of other restaurants during August.
• Thank–Express gratitude and compliment them as specifically as you can.

Who knows, as you join us, perhaps you will find a friend you could pursue a hobby with, learn from, pray for, or help connect with Jesus.

Our Neighbor This Month

New restaurant for October! Another opportunity to support our community as you keep loving these restaurants with your visit.

August: Thai Tangerine



A favorite spot for many OC Gracers, the Thai Tangerine team keeps blessing our community with mouthwatering dine-in, take-out, and delivered Pad Thai, curries, and many other flavors of Thailand, so now we’re going to bless them!

Tony’s family opened Thai Tangerine 17 years ago. He is the third sibling to manage it, and most of the employees are part of the family, too. During Covid, their team has shrunk to 3-4 staff during operation, but they’re still going strong.

About half a mile from the church, Thai Tangerine is a great restaurant to patron in our first ever Adopt a Shop.


Hours: Tue-Sat 11 AM-9 PM, Sun 4 PM-9 PM

Phone: (714) 534-4490

Address: 12541 S Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840




Visit their Facebook here

Visit their Instagram here

Find them in Google Maps here

Visit them Yelp here

Thai Tangerine can be found on many online hubs. Just search “Thai Tangerine Garden Grove” in your web browser and you’ll find all sorts of places you can rate, review, or order food.


Each of these activities will bless Thai Tangerine in a unique way. Do them in any order that works for you. We would love to hear what your experience with the challenge was like.

  • Get food and tip more than 20%.
  • Leave a 5-star rating and a good review online on at least 3 sites (Google maps, Yelp, Facebook, etc.). How many sites were you able to find?
  • Send a specific affirmation and encouragement to the restaurant via their online form or the mail.
  • Take a picture/video of yourself at the restaurant, share your story on social media, link to their website, and use #thaitangerine in your post.
  • Recommend Thai Tangerine to at least 2 friends who haven’t been there before.

Enter code: 4U15 and get 15% off first order
Ordering from their website is faster, cheaper, and a better support to the restaurant than using another food delivery service

October: Los Sanchez Mexican Restaurant


Hours: Mon-Thu and Sun 9 AM-10 PM, Fri and Sat 9 AM-11 PM

Phone: (714) 590-9300

Address: 11906 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843


More info coming soon!

Why These Challenges

We picked these challenges intentionally. If you want to learn why, here are some answers.

Challenge 1
As followers of Jesus, we want to be known for the same kind of lavish generosity and grace God gives to us. Food costs have gone up for most restaurants and demand has frequently gone down. Generous tips help ease the strain on workers who frequently get paid very little.

Challenge 2
Positive ratings and reviews help businesses get noticed by people who are looking for food online. At the beginning of August, Thai Tangerine has 4.6 stars and 53 reviews on Google Maps and 4 stars and 479 reviews on Yelp. Let’s see if we can raise these stats!

Challenge 3
Everyone gets discouraged sometimes. The days drag. The same dish is made for the hundredth time. It feels like all your effort is just thrown into the wind. Everyone wants to make an impact on others with what they do, so instead of keeping the impact they make on us to ourselves, let’s share it. Were you able to connect with a loved one in a special way at their restaurant? Tell them. Did their kind service brighten your day? Tell them. Was it one of the best meals you had this week? Tell them. And go above and beyond to make it personal. Everyone says thank you as they walk out the door, but we can go above and beyond.

Challenge 4
Social media algorithms favor restaurants and businesses that gather social interest. Personal pictures, videos, links, and hashtags demonstrate this interest so doing these things for Thai Tangerine will help not only your friends find a great watering hole but also people you may never connect with.

Challenge 5
Restaurants survive on business from new and repeat customers. Let’s raise their foot traffic!