Sermon: "Taking the Next Step" Pastor Jonny Moor

When we forgive, we try to short-circuit forgiveness. Rather than addressing our pain and letting God address it, we try to skip to everything being okay. The results are relationships that rot from the inside out.

November 27 - Dante Marruffo "The Joy of Returning Home"

Order of Service


Our Worship and Sabbath School Times

9:30am – 10:30am FIRST SERVICE | Contemporary

10:30am – 10:40am Passing period

10:40am – 11:30am SABBATH SCHOOL Classes

11:30am – 11:40am Passing period

11:40am – 12:40am SECOND SERVICE | Traditional

Find Your Purpose in the Kingdom of God

If you’re not sure how to serve, click here for a short assessment (5-10 minutes) or here for a longer assessment (20-30 minutes) to help you figure out where God is calling you to serve. We will reach out to you over the next several weeks to help you identify how you can be involved in serving God’s kingdom around you.

CDC Response Update

Last update 8/18/21 We are encouraging the use of masks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals while gathering at church. Though our official Covid policy is remaining the same, under conference and state recommendations and given our desire to keep our church and community members safe, we believe this is wise counsel at this time. Disposable masks will be available as you enter the building. Those vaccinated individuals who choose not to wear masks are still welcome to participate without masks (with the exception of our children’s programming where masks are still required). READ MORE

Canned Food Drive

The Canned Food Drive is in full swing and next week is the last week to contribute nonperishable foods. Our Adventurers and Pathfinders are going out this Sabbath after church to pass out bags. Thanks for your support!

The Church is Hiring!

As we move forward our church is hiring for a Technology Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant. If you are interested, talk to one of the Pastors or or our Church Administrator Afa for more information.

Gift Giving

We are partnering with Voice of the Refugees in Orange County to provide gifts for children this year. Each Christmas tag will be for one $25 gift and will have the age range and gender of a child on it. You can pick up tags in the lobby. Please leave gifts unwrapped and make sure each one is in that $20-30 range.


What We Do

Jesus didn’t just preach to people, he also noticed and celebrated people who were frequently forgotten by others, mingled with them, and worked to secure their good. Adopt a Shop is about loving those who frequently fade into the background of our lives today by finding little ways of blessing and serving them and building friendships as we go.

The Adopt a Shop Way is to:
Attach: Learn the names of the staff, introduce yourself, and ask them about their day and life.
Dote: Grab a few scones on your way in or some hot chocolate and deliver it to the staff.
Overlook: Be kind even if they are flustered or short with you.
Patron: Pick Tiddlywinks over Target, Amazon, or wherever you frequently shop this holiday season.
Thank: Express gratitude and compliment them as specifically as you can.

Who knows, as you join us, perhaps you will find a friend you could pursue a hobby with, learn from, pray for, or help connect with Jesus.



Our Neighbor This Month: Tiddlywinks

Hours: M: Closed, T-Th: 11AM-5PM,
F-Sat: 10AM-6PM, Sun:11AM-5PM

Phone: 714.997.TOYS (8697)

Address: 129 N Glassell St, Orange

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Google Maps: 

Our Neighbor Tiddlywinks

Launched in 2012 by Jeanie and Gilbert Viveros, Tiddlywinks is a true mom and pop toy store. They employ 3-4 people and though Covid presented real challenges, they continued to partner with Orange Home Grown Farmers Market, brought business owners in to read to children, hosted art classes for local artists, worked with the school district to provide toys for low-income schools and families, and got creative launching a website and doing local deliveries. We’re so excited to partner with them this Christmas!

Christmas Challenges

Check off each challenge as you complete it!
Purchase a toy in person at Tiddlywinks. (The street in front is closed but they are open, and you can find parking.)
Leave a 5-star rating and a good review online on at least 3 sites (Google maps, Yelp, Facebook, etc.). How many sites were you able to find? ___
Send a specific affirmation to the store via mail/email.
Take a picture/video of yourself at the store, share your post or story on social media, link to their website, and use #tiddlywinksoc in your post.
Recommend Tiddlywinks to at least 2 friends for their holiday shopping.

Why These Challenges

We picked these challenges intentionally. If you want to learn why, here are some answers.

Challenge 1
As followers of Jesus, we want to be known for the same kind of lavish generosity and grace God gives to us. The best way to support a business is to take advantage of their products and services.

Challenge 2
Positive ratings and reviews help businesses get noticed by people who are looking for around online. Before Thanksgiving, Tiddlywinks had 90 reviews and 4.6 stars. Let’s see if we can raise these stats!

Challenge 3
Everyone gets discouraged sometimes. The days drag. Customers ask the same questions and have the same problems. It feels like all your effort is just thrown into the wind. Everyone wants to make an impact on others with what they do, so instead of keeping the impact they make on us to ourselves, let’s share it. Were you able to give a great creative gift that will be well-loved because of the store? Tell them. Did their kind service brighten your day? Tell them. Is it one of the best organized or decorated toy stores you’ve ever been in? Tell them. And go above and beyond to make it personal. Everyone says thank you as they walk out the door, but we can do more.

Challenge 4
Social media algorithms favor businesses that gather social interest. Personal pictures, videos, links, and hashtags demonstrate this interest, so doing these things for Tiddlywinks will help not only your friends find a great toy spot but also people you may never connect with.

Challenge 5
Businesses survive on new and repeat customers. Let’s raise their foot traffic!

Special Holiday Worship Schedule

Tell your friends, your sabbath school classmates, and anyone else who will listen, on November 27, December 18, December 25, and January 1, we are having combined services. Sabbath school will be at 10 AM and worship gathering at 11:30 AM.

Black Friday Decoration

We are having our own Black Friday celebration decorating the church the Christmas. So plan to come in at 9 AM and we’ll work until 1 PM! Contact Afa in the office if you have questions.

Prayer Request

The Bible tells us that if anyone is a worshipper of God and does His will, God listens to him (John 9:31), and “if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us” (1 John 5:14).
Have a Prayer Request? If you desire prayer, the pastoral staff will gladly pray for you privately to help during your time of need.